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Asa cuero lisa CC-5142

Flat leather handle CC-5142

Asa cuero lisa con anillas CC-5140

Leather handle with rings CC-5140

Asa trenzada piel LCP-354

Braided Leather Handle LCP-354

Asa trenzada piel LCP-832

Braided Leather Handle LCP-832

Asa trenzada piel LCP-357

Braided Leather Handle LCP-357

Asa trenzada piel+cadena  CC-4224

Braided Leather Handle CC-4224

Asa trenzada piel CC-4649

Braided Leather Handle CC-4649

Asa trenzada piel CC-4228

Braided Leather Handle CC-4228

Asa trenzada piel CC-3514

Leather Braided Handle CC-3514

Asa piel CC-4355

Leather Handle CC-4355